| Restore

A slower paced class that targets the connective tissues and fascia of the body through stretching and supported meditative poses, enabling you to restore and re-nourish your body by relaxing and letting go.  This all levels class is for anyone who needs time to chill out! 

| Gentle Flow

Connect your Body, Breath and Spirit in a mindful Slow Flow. Great for All Levels

| Warm Flow

Are you ready for more challenge? In a warmed up room, this class takes you progressively from the sweetness of gentle opening stretches to the building of strength and balance poses to reach a challenging peak pose.  

| Strengthening flow

Trying to find time to fit in a workout and yoga?  Why not combine the two!  This All Levels fun filled and high energy class will provide a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style yoga. Students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind; then wind down with relaxation techniques to allow integration of the practice on a physical, energetic, and mental level.

| Intermediate

This class is suggested for the continuing student.  It is Moderately paced for those that already have a strong foundation of the postures and are ready for more challenging and strength building sequences.

| HOT Yoga

Leave your chaos at the door! Fuel your body while you flow through poses of twists and turns and core work.  This Fast and Fun class will make you SWEAT!   Get into your yoga zone as you practice and jam out to classic rock, reggae, hip hop and more!  Come hydrated, bring water and a towel and leave your monkey mind at the door! 

| FREE Community Meditation

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence.    This 30 minute class will help you manage stress and reduce anxiety, improve your relationships, help you create inner peace, enhance your sleep patterns, lower your blood pressure and help you connect more deeply with spirit. Held every Sunday morning at 9:30.  

| Foundations

Begin to explore the basics of yoga by focusing on the alignment of the postures with the connection movement and breathing techniques. For everyone from beginner to athlete looking to try or continue yoga to create a mind-body connection.

Mellow Movement

Move your body slowly and gently and allow yourself to relax and release stress in this dimly lit class with soft, relaxing music.  All levels welcomed.

| Yoga Nidra with Qigong

Qi Gong is an ancient “moving meditation” practice designed to cultivate energy around and in the body.  These slow to moderate movements heal the body, heart, mind and spirit. Ending with Yoga Nidra, you are guided through a body scan and an imaginary journey to a place between wakefulness and sleep, becoming disconnected with the outer world while the thinking mind drops to the background. Excellent for all levels, including those who may need a chair.

| Flexibilty and Tension release

Beginners to season practitioners will enjoy this full body experience to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension and improve balance. The benefits of stretching are endless; they help prevent injury, better muscle coordination, improve posture, enhance sport performance, increase range of motion, as well as, overall greater mental health.  In addition to yoga poses, this class will introduce you to new techniques such as myofascial release, to help you provide a deeper understanding of your muscles and how they are involved in various key stretches.  

| Chair Yoga for Healthy Aging

These classes adapt traditional yoga techniques - poses, breathing and meditation - while using a chair (sitting and standing) for support making it safe, easy and enjoyable for people who face physical limitations. Whether you are just beginning or starting back to exercise, weak due to illness or injury, retired and actively aging, you will leave class with newfound health and vitality. All ages and abilities are welcome. (Very Basic)

MONDAY:  Upper Body Strength

This class is practiced in its entirety sitting on a chair and is great for those unable to stand.  It begins by warming up the arm muscles to prepare us for light weight lifting exercises.  Other seated yoga poses and breath work are addressed.  Please bring your own light weights (1 -4 pounds).

WEDNESDAY:   Movement and Meditation

Class begins with meditation then focuses on fluidity in the body in seated and standing postures, while using the chair for support.  Each joint of the body is rotated and muscles stretched, standing balance poses are focused on as we connect movement with the breath in a flowing style.

FRIDAY: Move With Balance

In this class, functional movement is focused on using yoga poses, breathing techniques and brain agility activities to increase strength, balance and mobility to help you improve day to day living.