State of Mind
Yoga & Meditation Center

Readiness • Action • Being


Upcoming workshops:

Yoga Nidra

with Colette

Thursday September 27


Cost: $20.00

Meditation to De-stress and Recover - 2 week series

September 26 & october 3           7:30-9:00pm


  • QIGONG with special presenter Ed Fanning

  • Restorative Yoga with YL Essential Oils

  • See our 'workshops' for details and descriptions.

FREE community meditation every Sunday from 9:30-10:00am

About State of Mind Yoga...

State of Mind Yoga & Meditation Center offers a holistic approach of connection to the Mind, Body and Soul through the offering of a blend of calming and empowering movement classes and meditation.

We start you at a state of readiness, help you arrive into a place of calm, and center your thoughts to create a positive and profound shift in your mind.

Our integrative approach of conscious movement and breath moves you into a state of action, giving you permission to release old patterns and experience the vitality that comes from living life in balance.

The  healing art of yoga is a state of being – you in Union with your individuality and the divine intelligence of the Universe.  Awakening your STATE OF MIND, allowing for greater enjoyment in the evolutionary flow of life.

We look forward to practicing with you on the mat!